Grad School and blogging

Graduate school is taking more of my time than I might like.  I’m still cooking.  In fact, I have a backlog of 5 recipes.  I have pictures of them, but I just need to write the recipes and posts.  Unfortunately, I have all this reading to do about biostatistics, air pollution, environmental exposure assessment and health behaviors.  You might be thinking, “Why are you actually doing the reading?”  I’m attempting to be prepared and, you know, learn something while in grad school.

Therefore I ask for your patience.  There are recipes I want to share with you.  I have a banana bread recipe perfect for those brown bananas that you bought to be healthy, but then forgot about.  I have a white bean burger recipe that will please meat eaters, though not vegans (sorry).  My posts may not be as frequent, but don’t worry –  I’m still working to get a beautiful meal together and then share it with you.

This guy isn’t happy with the new situation either, but as long as I feed him he said he’s okay with it.


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